The Killer Koala

I know the idea of a Koala and  «Killer» doesn’t´match very well. A sweet, cute animal with that looks, only can suggest hugs and smooches. I also thought so, until I almost got killed by one in Sidney.

It was summer, I signed up for a day tour which included typical Australian animal experience. I was so excited to get to see kangaroos and emus. Platypus, some snakes, spiders, wallabies and of course koalas. No dingos though.


The guides at the park where very specific about the kangaroos, saying they were kind of grumpy creatures prone to fight and kick each other and ready to knock you out, if you got too quick or too rough when trying to touch them.

-Don’t look into their eyes too deeply.

-Let them take the first step. Don’t try to push them and just get down a bit and try to make them curious. Were the advices of the guides. It helped, because after a while, I was the master of the kangaroos. Touched them, danced, sang to them and made good friends.

The other species were kind of in a more «wild mode» and it was just a matter of observation and admiration. Spending time, in one of my favourite activities. Been with the animals. There was a snake I got to carry on my shoulders, while others seemed less enthusiastic about it. But the real pernicious surprise was holding for me, when the star of the afternoon showed up. A huge mushy-gushy koala.

The cutie was hanging from the neck of the park carer. I wanted to hold him and squeeze him. To carry him and give him all my love too. Everything seemed all right, but a couple of minutes after I started caressing his thick fur, I was unable to breathe.

It was so subtle I couldn’t notice when did  it started. I was having a strong allergic reaction to the fur of the animal. Thanks God! I always carry antiallergic pills with me, as I am a particularly allergic person. And I survived that guy. From that moment on, I like to call those beautiful bears The Killers.

They are pretty aggressive too in real life, said the handler, so be careful next time you meet a koala in their natural environment. Not just by the looks we should judge this inoffensive looking  yet tricky babes. From that moment on I have to stay away from pineapples, melons and koalas.




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